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03 April, 2020
Опубликовал: manager

  Sumaya El-Zaher

In less than one month, the holy month of Ramadan is going to start. However, this year’s Ramadan is – for sure – not going to be the same. Because of the current spread of the coronavirus, several countries have decided to implement self-isolation and social distancing. In some countries this will be applied until the summer. Muslims all over the world are worried: How is Ramadan going to be? And how are we celebrating Eid?

Many of us associate Ramadan with delicious food, family, friends, taraweeh prayers and late-night gatherings. But unfortunately, all these plans will have to be cancelled due to the virus. However, the coronavirus can bring us back to the real essence of Ramadan: the month of self-reflection, spirituality and Quran.

Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, is also known as the Quran month. That is because Muslims believe that during this month the holy Quran was first revealed. Believers try to read and finish the Quran as many times as possible, but because of work, school and other schedules, they struggle to complete it by the end of the month. This time around, self-isolation can help us to manage our time better, so we have more time for this part of Ramadan. The time we usually use to get to work and get back home, can now be spend reading Quran. 

The holy month is also about self-discipline, self-reflection and sacrifice. Although these concepts can be taken very superficial, we should try to get deeper. This Ramadan we should really take the time to think about how life has been the past year, and what things went wrong and what can be done better. If writing it down helps you, then do it! There is nothing wrong with admitting your weaknesses. In fact, it is the only way to true self-reflection.

Yes, inviting family members and friends to break the fast together is a wonderful thing. But maybe this time we will truly understand how it feels not being able to do so. And we all know how inviting people over means making a lot more food than necessary. Keep it simple but enough is the message! 

Taraweeh prayers are such an important part of Ramadan, but we will have to stick to praying it with your family members at home. Of course, it is not the same as going to the mosque, but for everything there is an alternative. 

For sure, it won’t be an easy change. However, we shouldn’t be less excited for Ramadan. We should stay strong and stay positive.