16 Aug, 2019
When the pilgrims return to their home countries after the journey of Haj, they return spiritually refreshed, forgiven of their sins, and ready to start life anew, with a clean slate.
14 Aug, 2019
It was the last day of Hajj. Mina, the tent city, which came to life only during the days of Hajj is now suddenly empty, again. The Hajj season is officially over.
12 Aug, 2019
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The days of Tashreeq are the days following the Eid day. These are the appointed days Allah.
10 Aug, 2019
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Третий день хаджа называется «яум ан-нахр», или день жертвоприношения. Его также называют Ид аль-адха.
09 Aug, 2019
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The Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “Hajj is Arafah“.
09 Aug, 2019
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The official day of Hajj is the 8th day, known in Arabic as Yawm at-Tarwiyah or “the day of fetching water and quenching the thirst.”
05 Aug, 2019
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It is because of the significance of the Ka’bah that great importance is given to the majestic curtain, which covers it.